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Tired of faxing, mailing and emailing a large pile of construction documents to each of the subs you want to bid on a job? No worries. We have developed a Secure Bid Center that allows you to upload those documents to your website. You can easily create a separate section for each of your active projects, update existing documents, and control access to each one.  

This allows you to send an invitation to a list of subs whom you want to have access. Voilá! With one simple click your sub has the same documents they need and everyone is on the same page. 

Our integrated Bid Center is an additional service available to Standard or Premium plan subscribers for just $49.99/month.


"Being a new business owner, you deal with challenges every step of the way. One critical area where I knew I had to make an impact was my website. I approached SFB for a simple website but instead of simple, I got spectacular! They are my one-stop-shop and I fully trust their outstanding work, efficiency and creativity!"

- Julie, FBS

Want This To-Go?

Sometimes getting a project done is as simple as getting information to right people. We have packed up a highlight reel of our services into this brochure. Feel free to download and share it with the decision makers in your life.

SFB Overview Brochure SFB Overview Brochure (2021 KB)

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