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Clear, Upfront Pricing

The bidding process--it's the necessary evil of the construction world. Few of us love crunching the numbers, because we prefer to be out there doing the work. Getting that work, however, is not possible without our clients approving the costs.

Many times, a Time & Materials proposal with a "not to exceed" will fit the bill on a smaller project and keep costs down for the client, since the unknown are dealt with and approved as they occur, not accounted for inside of the bid.

In website design and maintenance, however, this is seldom the case. Many competitors will charge base hosting fees, then invoice out all hours. Costs can quickly balloon.

We believe in up-front fees so our clients always know they are getting what they pay for. Full transparency and no hidden costs. We're good at what we do, so we can stand behind the prices we set up front.

Contact us to see how we can provide excellent design and service within a reasonable budget we will stand behind.

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