Get Started

  • Welcome to the Fast Track

    You know the difference between someone kicking tires and poking around for estimates vs someone who is serious about getting started. So do we. Welcome to the Fast Track - the high speed way to get your new site up and running. Let's get started!

    Design and Build

    All sites begin with an initial set up fee covering your site's design and build. Here's what to expect:

    • Project Management
    • Communication Goals Established
    • Brand Identity and Asset Assessment
    • Scheduling
    • Interface Design
    • Website Development
    • Testing & Revisions
    • Training & Go-Live Efforts.

    You get the entire site for the initial one-time design fee. Rock solid construction. Amazing design. Ready to launch.

    Upgrades & fine finishes

    Other Services such as logo design, copywriting, brochures and firm profiles, etc. are not included in the initial design fee. We'll give you a quote designed just for your project and business. All of these needs are established during your FREE initial consultation.

    Location, Utilities & Maintenance

    Structures aren't built in your office.  The magic happens on location at the job site. Grab a lot and some power and you're ready to get to work. No power, no construction. 

    Just like you, our work happens at a real web address. That's why you'll select your hosting and service plan before we start your build. We offer two Annual Service Plans and will help you choose the best plan for you.